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After investing in having your truck wrapped, the last thing you want is for people to look at your wrap design and scratch their heads in confusion. Your chosen design should communicate your marketing message clearly and effectively. As professional truck wrap design and installers on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, Five Three Designs has the right expertise to ensure correct installation as well as great eye-catching designs.

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At Five Three Designs, we place a strong emphasis on an efficient affordable quality service that earn a high level of customer satisfaction. The wrong choice of colours, busy background patterns and too small font sizes can break the impact of a wrap’s promotional message. We know that branding on a vehicle needs to convey a message quickly and simply, whether the vehicle is parked off on the side of a road or cruising down the hiway.

Why are truck wraps so successful?
While not a new promotional tool, wrapping is ‘newish’ enough to still attract the attention of all road users. Truck wraps have become an essential component in business branding communications. A well-designed and professionally installed wrap can ease the frustrations of driving in gridlocked roads, gaining your business the desired attention it deserves.

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Vehicle wraps should contain important information to help prospective customers recall a brand easily. A wrap design should cover information providing:

  • The nature of your business
  • Name of your business
  • How to contact you
  • Your promotional message
  • Image or graphic representing your product or service offered

Effective wrap designs have great visual appeal and cannot be ignored easily. Don’t waste the potential of your truck’s wrap. Your business brand is at stake. We offer businesses on the Gold Coast and Brisbane needing professional vehicle branding a top class service. Five Three Designs has proficient friendly staff and advanced equipment to provide you with quality installation that will give you a quality finish that create positive impressions.

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